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How can KOvima Help Grow your Business?

In addition to marketing your clips to our network of buyers, KOvima enables you to promote your business through customizable profile pages and our KOntributor referral program.

KOntributor Pages

KOntributors can create a profile page when accepted to KOvima. We provide KOntributors the ability to use their profile page not only as an e-commerce site to sell footage, but also as a way to generate exposure to their business. Our goal is to make these pages a great alternative to a traditional website, or a powerful addition to your existing one.

KOntributors Pages Include:
Custom Bio or Work Statement Highlighting Specialties
Profile Picture
Company Logo
Social Media Links
Website Link
Vimeo or Youtube Show Reel
Geographic Area for the KOvima Referral Program


Buyers seeking footage not available on KOvima will complete a request form. The inquiry will be given to KOntributors whose profiles best match the inquiry.

Our Service
About Brooklyn

KOvima is a marketplace to buy and sell high-quality geographically relevant video

We’re in the process of selecting key KOntributors in top real estate markets to build a content library.

Grow Your Business

Market your skills for custom jobs on your KOntributor page.

Sell Your B-Roll

Don’t just let your unused footage collect dust. Put it to Work.

Earn Recurring Revenue

Upload your clip once and earn money each time it is licensed.

About Brooklyn

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Search By Location – Find the Perfect Video

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What Type of Footage Should you Upload?

KOvima’s content is footage (usually aerial or time-lapse video) of locations that make an area desirable to someone looking to purchase a home or book a vacation rental. “What makes your KOmmunity beautiful?” is our mantra.

Upload or shoot footage that’s not usually found on stock photo sites or easily captured by an amateur on their iPhone

  • Neighborhood Fly-Over’s
  • Lakes
  • Coastlines
  • Golf Courses
  • Parks
  • Cool Places
Our Service
Our Service

How Will you Get Paid?

Directly - When Someone Licenses your Clip

When someone purchases it, you get a percentage of the sale.

Indirectly - Through our Maker Sequences

Allowing clips to be used by our KOvima Makers to create polished sequences, qualifies you get paid a percentage of the revenue for each sales that uses that clip.

Our Service
Our Service

Who Will Buy your Content?

We have a built-in vertical market…

Real Estate Professionals

Videos are now a vital component of selling a house. Clips just of the house are not enough.

Hospitality and Travel Agencies

Whether it’s marketing for a golf course, theme park, or local tourism board, surrounding community footage is vital to give the venue a sense of place.

Video Editors

Sometimes, once the shooting is complete, an additional sequence is necessary complete a compelling story.

Vacation Rental Owners

Footage that shows the charm of the surrounding area attracts more visitors.


Sometimes due uncooperative weather or unreasonable client deadlines, videographers might just need one “money shot” to complete their project.

Marketing Agencies

Rather than blowing the ad budget on a custom shoot, many agencies are turning to stock sites for video footage.

Our Service

What is the Next Step?

Fill out our contributor application. Once your application is approved we will create a username and login that will allow you to start uploading your footage.

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