Our Origin

We began KOvima to create a way to connect the creators of high-quality location based footage with the marketers and industries needing compelling visuals to sell their products.

Quickly, we realized our platform could be the solution to a much larger problem. Current stock footage sites categorize everything by keywords. It is impossible to find footage based on location. While it is easy to find footage of golf courses and coastlines, it is next to impossible to find geographically relevant golf courses and coastlines.

We asked ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be better if people could just type in an address and search through all nearby footage?” With this question, the KOvima platform was born.


April 18 - Registered Kovima.com

Secured domain name kovima.com which became our company name.

KOvima is a contraction of Community Video Marketplace.  Why a “K” and not a “C”?  Our founders think the letter “K” looks cool.

July 7 - First Official Contributor and Upload

First official clip uploaded onto beta platform by our first contributor Nick Bellinger.

October 10 - KOvima launches Footage Concierge

Sit back, relax and let us find the footage for you.

October 18 - Inman Luxury Connect Beverly Hills

As part of our soft launch KOvima sponsored the 2016 Inman Luxury Connect in Beverly Hills, CA, a gathering of the most influential real estate agents in the world.

December 7 - Official Launch

KOvima officially launches its location video marketplace with a contributor base spanning 65 geographic regions, which cover 24 states and four countries.

January 15 - KOvima Ambassador Program Launches

One day soon, drone video in real estate listings may be a minimum requirement in many markets.
National Association of Realtors

Our Vision

Today, consumers demand customization and services that speak to them. “Just coffee” is a thing of the past. There is “half-caf, soy milk, hold the foam” coffees. Likewise, stock footage based on keywords such as “fun, golf, and sun” is no longer sufficient. For footage to resonate it must be “fun, golf, and sun in a specific geographic region.” The closer the footage is to the area the consumer has in mind, the more powerful the message.

KOvima provides the next level of authenticity to content marketers by actively connecting the creators of location-based footage with industries actively seeking credible, local visuals.


See How it Works

Search By Location – Find the Perfect Video


Our Community

KOvima’s foundation is built upon a community of contributors comprised of licensed drone operators, location videographers, and content editors.

We enable KOntributors the ability to sell their collections of location-based footage and promote other services their company offers including private shoots, VR, and photography. The beauty you capture is worth more than a “Like”.

Licensed Drone Operators

Location Videographers

Content Editors

The beauty you capture is worth more than a “Like”.

Our Clients

Hyper-specific location based content is the key to resonating with a local marketplace, however the expense, time frame, and variables like weather can often be prohibitive. We eliminate these barriers.

Real Estate Professionals

Videos are now a vital component of selling a house. Clips just of the house are not enough.

Hospitality and Travel Agencies

Whether it’s marketing for a golf course, theme park, or local tourism board, surrounding community footage is vital to give the venue a sense of place.

Video Editors

Sometimes, once the shooting is complete, an additional sequence is necessary complete a compelling story.

Vacation Rental Owners

Footage that shows the charm of the surrounding area attracts more visitors.


Sometimes due uncooperative weather or unreasonable client deadlines, videographers might just need one “money shot” to complete their project.

Marketing Agencies

Rather than blowing the ad budget on a custom shoot, many agencies are turning to stock sites for video footage.

Geekiness aside, I get a rush each time a clip is uploaded showing a place that I have never been. Our platform is becoming a highlight library of the magical world in which we live.
Drew Hendricks - CTO & Co-Founder


Recent Press

KOvima Launches Location Video Marketplace

KOvima, the location video marketplace, today announced its official launch into the video stock footage space. The goal of the company is to help the real estate and hospitality industries showcase their properties at a neighborhood level to potential buyers, renters and travelers, while enabling videographers to cash in by selling their footage.