December 7, 2016 drew

KOvima Launches Location Video Marketplace

KOvima leverages drone and user generated video to reinvent the way real estate and hospitality companies showcase communities.

Carlsbad, CADecember 7, 2016

KOvima, the location video marketplace, today announced its official launch into the video stock footage space. The goal of the company is to help the real estate and hospitality industries showcase their properties at a neighborhood level to potential buyers, renters and travelers, while enabling videographers to cash in by selling their footage.

According to the FAA, sales of drones are expected to grow from two and a half million in 2016 to seven million in 2020—a 180% increase. New products and features are allowing drone photographers to capture never before seen perspectives and viewpoints.

“Incredible visuals are being captured from drones and 4K devices, but up until now, footage has mostly been shared on social media for free,” explains Drew Hendricks, CTO and co-founder of KOvima. “Likes” and “Shares” are nice but there are many businesses and marketers willing to pay for the perfect vantage point. People buy and sell arts and crafts on Etsy, Airbnb lets homeowners rent out their houses, KOvima is the marketplace to purchase and sell location based video.”

“Find the Perfect Video to Showcase Your Community” is KOvima’s tagline. Buyers simply enter an address or location to search for footage within the location’s radius.  All results are geo-located on a map that shows aerial and on the ground footage.

KOvima realizes that it is unrealistic to inventory footage of all locations this close to launch. To solve this problem, the company created a unique service called “Footage Concierge,” which allows buyers to request footage from a specific location. Unlike hiring a private drone photographer, buyers can see the footage before they buy it, which is a substantial time and cost savings.

KOvima has seen impressive growth on its platform since beta launch in October. Its contributor base currently spans 65 geographic regions, which cover 24 states and four countries. The company is looking forward to continuous growth in the coming months and has made investments in connecting with users and contributors. Most recently, KOvima was a headline sponsor for the 2016 Inman Luxury Connect in Beverly Hills, CA, a gathering of the most influential real estate agents in the world. KOvima is currently seeking first round investment partners to help scale the platform and build out enterprise sales channels.

About KOvima
Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, KOvima is a location video marketplace that helps content marketers within the real estate and hospitality industries connect with content creators who can help them showcase their properties through credible and unique local visuals. The company was founded in 2016 by CTO, Drew Hendricks, and a group of international real estate marketing professionals with the mission of breaking down the barriers between buyers and sellers, by democratizing location based content.